Health goals can more easily be achieved by establishing priorities and sustaining motivation.

Gilda’s approach aims at the adoption of healthy eating habits to help prevent or manage health problems, so that clients can move beyond preoccupations with eating and diets and enjoy a fulfilling life. Long-lasting changes in eating habits can be achieved by making step-by-step improvements that reflect one’s taste in food, lifestyle choices, and any medical considerations. Gilda has a genuine interest in her clients’ overall wellbeing and an authenticity and good humour that make her clients feel readily at ease. With her versatile professional experience, Gilda has a broad understanding of the complex relationship between food and health in today’s society and ensures that her nutritional plans reflect the values and needs of the clients.

In matters related to nutrition, as in other areas related to health, Gilda identifies one strong driving force for change and predictor of realization – motivation.

Motivation is commonly mistaken for the wish or desire to change. While desire reflects the need for change, motivation includes the capacity to act on a particular desire, to take the necessary steps to make it a reality. The good news is that motivation can be developed and maintained, and change is possible.

Gilda has devoted several years of formal training and practice (Motivational Interviewing and behavioural change approaches) to ensure that her clients get the support they need. She helps them identify the building blocks of their personal motivation for good nutrition and health and, just as importantly, develop the ability to make positive lasting changes in their eating and other lifestyle habits (being physically active, managing stress, not smoking, and sleeping well). Whatever the nutritional challenges, Gilda believes that health goals can more easily be achieved by establishing priorities and sustaining motivation, which includes setting reasonable objectives, choosing realistic strategies, and implementing good solutions.

In her integrative approach, Gilda also incorporates principles of intuitive eating, on the premise that we are all born with an intuitive wisdom allowing us to recognize and respond to our body’s physical needs, a wisdom that can be muffled by detrimental experiences and influences in our culture. Eating intuitively requires honouring one’s body and respecting its needs. It is possible to reconnect with this inner wisdom and rebuild a healthier relationship with food.

Gilda looks forward to accompanying you on your journey to good nutrition and health.