Initial Nutrition Session

This 75-minute session includes an assessment of your medical history, anthropometric measurements (e.g. weight, waist circumference), an assessment of your eating and lifestyle habits, as well as your daily routine and overall context of living.

We will discuss your nutritional concerns and identify your main nutritional goals, as well as the first steps in overcoming obstacles and increasing motivation. Together, we will sketch a plan of action and choose a few strategies for you to start implementing right away.

Counselling Sessions (Follow-ups)

These 50-minute sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and provide the support you need to pursue your nutritional goals, stay focused and motivated, and gain confidence in your dietary and lifestyle choices.

If you are unsure whether seeing a dietitian can help you, Gilda would be glad to take a few minutes on the phone to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

Receipts are provided for insurance purposes.


Gilda offers educational nutrition presentations aimed at providing reliable, up-to-date information as well as inspiring healthy behavioural changes. Gilda’s presentations are engaging, interactive and motivational. Nutrition topics include healthy eating, heart-healthy nutrition, nutrition for seniors, healthy lifestyle.

Gilda also offers Intuitive Eating workshop series and the weight-management program “Choisir de maigrir ?”

Contact Gilda to discuss your needs for a group activity on nutrition and health.